Stained Glass WIndows

One of the hallmarks of the Rockbridge United Methodist Church is the  beautiful stained glass windows throughout the upper level. Some of these windows were in the original building; others were added when the present building was constructed.

All of the windows are amazing, but there is at least one that embodies some  Methodist history. From 1889 to  1939, the youth organization of the Methodist Episcopal Church was known as the Epworth League. Epworth is a town in England where John and Charles Wesley were born. A window in the church harkens back to the Epworth League.

In includes the symbol of the Epworth League: the Maltese Cross. On the cross is the motto: Look Up. Lift Up. At the bottom of the window is a portion of the Benediction used by the Epworth League (and the Methodist Youth Fellowship–MYF): “The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee” (from Numbers 6:24-26).